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Container Corporation Of India Ltd
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INCOME :     
Sales Turnover 6256.685675.105992.635585.234908.40
Excise Duty0.
Net Sales6256.685675.105992.635585.234908.40
Other Income 302.59289.24317.48359.21446.90
Stock Adjustments
Total Income6559.275964.346310.115944.445355.30
Raw Materials
Power & Fuel Cost10.189.349.728.467.32
Employee Cost 277.90186.89156.83157.92121.44
Other Manufacturing Expenses 4063.263839.294278.973901.963562.21
Selling and Administration Expenses 379.86348.19160.44204.26185.35
Miscellaneous Expenses 42.4044.4748.124.455.22
Less: Pre-operative Expenses Capitalised0.
Total Expenditure4773.604428.184654.084277.053881.54
Operating Profit1785.671536.161656.031667.391473.76
Interest 0.373.730.320.250.18
Gross Profit1785.301532.431655.711667.141473.58
Profit Before Tax1392.651180.611307.951294.451284.25
Fringe Benefit tax0.
Deferred Tax-55.48-84.5372.84-54.2029.08
Reported Net Profit1049.04858.02950.821047.55984.76
Extraordinary Items
Adjusted Net Profit1047.94856.88950.671046.86983.79
Adjst. below Net Profit -77.38-63.08-51.94-83.280.00
P & L Balance brought forward7620.177205.436646.526028.535422.82
Statutory Appropriations0.
Appropriations 521.66380.20339.97418.65379.05
P & L Balance carried down8070.177620.177205.436574.156028.53
Preference Dividend0.
Equity Dividend %171.00171.00135.00134.00123.00
Dividend Per Share(Rs)17.1017.1013.5013.4012.30
Earnings Per Share-Unit Curr43.0444.0148.7753.7350.51
Earnings Per Share(Adj)-Unit Curr17.2214.0815.6117.1916.16
Book Value-Unit Curr385.73453.72428.05391.63358.28
Book Value(Adj)-Unit Curr154.29145.19136.98125.32114.65
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Source:Capital Market

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