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Bank of Baroda
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INCOME :     
Interest Earned 43648.5442199.9344061.2842963.5638939.71
Other Income 6657.156758.064998.864402.004462.74
Total Income50305.6948957.9949060.1447365.5643402.45
II. Expenditure     
Interest expended 28126.7728686.5231321.4329776.3226974.36
Payments to/Provisions for Employees4606.874637.774978.034261.354139.72
Operating Expenses & Administrative Expenses 2861.232528.792317.082015.881749.25
Depreciation 863.08511.35501.33340.39345.03
Other Expenses, Provisions & Contingencies16638.4910120.8616640.355551.004696.78
Provision for Tax -358.931089.56-1302.532022.17956.23
Fringe Benefit tax0.
Deferred Tax
Total Expenditure52737.5147574.8654455.6843967.1138861.37
III. Profit & Loss     
Reported Net Profit-2431.811383.14-5395.543398.444541.08
Extraordinary Items 69.5977.992.16-0.020.16
Adjusted Net Profit-2501.401305.15-5397.703398.464540.92
Prior Year Adjustments
Profit brought forward0.
IV. Appropriations     
Transfer to Statutory Reserve0.00345.780.00849.611135.27
Transfer to Other Reserves -2431.81704.56-5395.541697.142322.14
Trans. to Government /Proposed Dividend 0.00332.790.00851.691083.67
Balance carried forward to Balance Sheet0.
Equity Dividend %0.0060.000.00160.00215.00
Dividend Per Share(Rs)
Earnings Per Share-Unit Curr0.005.990.0014.68101.78
Earnings Per Share(Adj)-Unit Curr0.005.990.0014.6820.36
Book Value-Unit Curr163.64174.44173.99175.16811.12
Book Value(Adj)-Unit Curr163.64174.44173.99175.16162.22
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Source:Capital Market

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